Summer Shades of Blue…

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend:)







Because the summer is flying by so quickly, I am trying my best to enjoy every minute of it. Although, sometimes I find it hard to just be in the moment, especially because I have started documenting everything. Recently my mentality has been, “a picture missed is an opportunity lost” – particularly within the blog world. An extremely successful woman within the fashion industry offered this advice to me. Here’s my tip of the day – It is always important to find people who have what you want & listen carefully to what they say.

 On this beautiful summer day, which in Toronto has been few and far between, we were invited to a birthday party. To me this dress is the epitome of summer.  It’s effortless, light and airy. Different shades of blue always make me think of the water.  I topped off this  dress with a stunning white linen jacket.  Pair a denim jacket and some flats for a more relaxed look. I found this simple yet sophisticated number at Lavender Lily Boutique, located in Thornhill, Ontario. Since I am always on the hunt for different kinds of pieces, I love visiting local boutiques to try and find unique and interesting items that can’t be found at your local mall. This boutique fits the criteria. With their affordable prices and amazing customer service by Vicki (the owner), you are sure to find some hidden gems. Vicki is an incredible stylist and she is truly passionate about her store. Witnessing her give such a caring and intimate experience with her customers is truly remarkable.

 Thanks so much for reading, hope you have an amazing start to the week!!!

Dress – Lavender Lily Boutique, Jacket – Lavender Lily Boutique, Bracelet, Earrings (similar here) and Ring – Lavender Lily Boutique, Shoes – Franco Sarto (find similar here), Purse – Roots Canada

Big thanks to Salon life for always making my hair look so devine 🙂

Mommy Wardrobe Makeover!!!

Yay!!! So excited for my first mommy wardrobe makeover on the blog:) I had the pleasure of working with Jen, a stay-at-home mom of two from Thornhill, Ontario. Jen is planning on starting a business in September and was in need of a closet revamp to help her feel more professional and up-to-date.


Like many of us moms, Jen was stuck in a rut, wearing ill-fitted, somewhat juvenile clothing, as well as having everything in multiples. She would find a favourite tank-top on sale and buy it in ten different colours. I had never seen so many tanks in my life! Can anyone relate? LOL! Basically, Jen’s wardrobe looked like a teenagers closet that didn’t enhance her assets at all. As a result, her clothing wasn’t emphasizing who she really is. What Jen truly wanted was to present herself as a feminine, sophisticated, mature woman. The problem was, she felt all of those things on the inside but her outer appearance didn’t match. That’s where I came in. We went through her closet together, eliminating all of the items that were not serving her, only creating chaos and clutter.


After our cleanse, I educated Jen by providing her with information on which pieces would enhance and flatter her figure the most. When describing people’s body types, I don’t like using words like pear, inverted triangle or round. Who wants to be called a pear, triangular or round?! These generic descriptions seem so demeaning to me. Alternatively, I like to focus on empowering women through the process of learning how to best dress their unique body – that is my goal. I will call Jen a Goddess because everyone is beautiful no matter the shape of their body. Embrace what you have and learn to work with it! Jen has a pretty straight body, with slightly wider shoulders so our goal was to emphasize her slim waist, create curves, and elongate. We looked for pieces with texture, print, delicate feminine details, keeping in mind the “mature woman”.





As you can see, from some of her purchases, we opted for v-neck tops which are great at drawing the focus toward your chest or neckline and away from your shoulders. We also avoided tops with spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, and boat necks, which only add bulk on top. As you can see, the feminine ruffles, polka dots, and bow details are all visually interesting and draw your eye towards the centre of her body. This printed wrap dress is Jens best friend because it creates that perfect hour-glass shape. FYI – a good wrap dress is the most flattering type of dress for most body types. Wrap dresses made of soft fabrics such as jersey, can help slim your waist and create a unified, feminine look. Another style that is everywhere right now, and has been for a while, is the peplum style, which also does an incredible job of creating curves, especially for Jen. Next, we tackled denim, which is my personal favourite. Seeing Jen’s face light up when I introduced her to the high-waisted (no muffin top ever again) jeans, was priceless. We stalked her wardrobe with three denim staples; One lighter wash for a more casual look, one darker wash, and black wash which can both be dressed up or down. It should also be noted that we opted for skinny jeans in order to accentuate Jen’s great legs.

Overall, we edited Jens closet, built her a new wardrobe and educated her along the way. Knowing how to best dress your body is absolutely priceless. Think about all the money and time Jen wasted over the years investing in clothes that were all wrong for her. At the end of the process, I helped Jen find a new level of inner confidence. She walked a little but straighter, held her head a little higher and now has the skills, knowledge and tools to shop independently and efficiently.



Go Jen!!! It was a pleasure working with you!!! I thank you so much for being a part of this post, and hope that the readers can relate to your story. I certainly can.

Thanks you so much for reading!!!

Renata, xo

Find a few of Jens purchases here:

blue toprocket jeanstop

One Blazer – Three Different Ways…

This is my first time visiting the cutest town of Kleinburg, Ontario, only 10 minutes away from my house in Thornhill. Totally felt like I was up north in Muskoka. I just loved the little shops, friendly locals and cottage country vibe. Will definitely visit again soon! This time I may even take the fam =)




I strongly believe that a classic blazer is one item that EVERY woman should have in her wardrobe. It’s a wonderful transitional piece that you can take from day to night, instantly transforming your look from relaxed to polished. I have one in black and cream and wear them regularly. A great blazer can carry you through meetings to date night, cappuccinos and girl’s night out. I do caution you to take your time when investing in a blazer by making sure the fit is perfect before purchasing. The seams on the shoulder should be directly in the middle. The biggest obstacle for me is finding the right arm length. I have long arms, so the sleeves are often too short.










Even though I am a big believer in owning classic and timeless blazers, I also love playing with pops of colour for summer as well.  Hence, our hot pink selection (it is my favourite colour after all). I was immediately drawn to this item as soon as I entered Sense of Independence Boutique. After looking around this stunning boutique, I knew this topper would be the focus. Open for over a decade, Sense of Independence owners Naomi and Michelle strive to carry the most unique, trendy and contemporary pieces that will not break the bank. This is why they make monthly trips all over the world, ensuring that their customers get the most current and fresh fashion trends. Even more exciting is the fact they’ve now expanded into the online world and have re-launched their online store where you can now purchase their gorgeous styles, no matter where you live. Overall, whether you’re shopping in-store or online, Sense of Independence Boutique is an absolute must! If you are ever in the trendy Eglinton Ave. West area, be sure to stop in!

All garments worn today can be found at Sense of Independence, including necklaces 

Thank you so much for reading, don’t let this rainy Monday get you down!!!  xo

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White Denim & The Embellished Tee…

Happy Thursday! I don’t know about you but I feel like this summer is flying by! End of July – seriously? Can’t believe it.  All I have to say to my fellow Torontonians is enjoy every single day 🙂










Today I am discussing the embellished tee.  By adding some pearls and bling on a basic boring t-shirt, the impact is just outstanding.  This one is just as comfortable as any plain old tee on your closet, but it looks super dressy and can actually pass as a formal outfit if necessary. I got to be honest, I was a bit worried about the washing situation. As long as you look for “machine washable” on the tag, you are a-ok:) I washed mine inside out and it was perfectly fine.  The placement of the accents are wonderful because it brings your eye all around the neckline – that becomes the focus.  I love the idea of a three-dimensional tee, brings depth and an unexpected pop.  The only drawback I noticed is, if you have small children, they may pull or play with these sparkly jewels.  They find them fascinating, of course.  So for those of you with children that are 3 and under, this is an adults only kinda tee…LOL

T-shirt: The Bay, Jeans: The Gap, Jacket: Anthropologie (similar here), Purse: Aldo, Matching Bracelet and Ring: Lavender Lily Boutique, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Sunglasses: Target

Thanks Salon Life for my awesome hair!!!

Renata Takes Pink Martini…

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was crazy busy.  Between a birthday party, night out with friends, work and a family dinner, it was insane. Love when Monday mornings roll around, kids are off to camp and everything just seems more calm and manageable:)

Blue dress 1-3

Blue dress 4

Florals 2

Florals 3

Florals 4

Red dress 3

Red dress 4

Red dress 2

So excited about today’s post. I had the pleasure of visiting Pink Martini‘s showroom. The designer, Amir Bahar is a Toronto native, from Thornhill (where I grew up) and you can find their items in many independent stores all across Canada.  I discovered their brand while shopping at a local boutique near my house. They also have a very user-friendly eCom site, perfect for those of us who like to shop online.  Amir concentrates on making unique garments for women that are wearable, classy and reasonably priced.  I fell in love with this vintage inspired line instantly.  He plays with textures, focuses on interesting details, yet manages to keep it classic.  After reviewing the fall collection, these three looks were my favourite – trust me it was hard to choose because everything is so stunning.  I was totally having a Kate Middleton moment!  I felt regal, elegant and empowered.  I love that he offers conservative lengths for dresses and skirts.  The collection is not overly trendy, which I am seeing way too much of these days.  At the end of the day, I want to invest in pieces that will take me through multiple seasons and Pink Martini nailed it.  Which look is your favourite?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely start to the week!  Thank you so much for reading:)

Renata, xo

Find all three looks at Pink Martini Collection and so much more!

Thank for being such an awesome photographer Nagham Cararah🙂

The Universally Flattering LBD…

Happy Thursday to all!  Today we are discussing one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe – the LBD, otherwise known as, “little black dress”.








Summer is moving quickly and it’s important to wear as many bright colours and fun prints as possible, but whenever I see a black dress that speaks to me, I grab it.  It will stand the test of time, classic and timeless.  An LBD is a staple in one’s wardrobe, if you don’t have one already, I strongly suggest keeping this in mind while shopping.  Give yourself permission to spend a little bit more if necessary, remember this is a key piece that you will be wearing for years to come.  I always end up finding the best LBD’s when I’m not looking for it.  When you happen to see one that you are attracted to, I encourage you to try it on.  It’s ok if it sits in your closet for a while, because when an unexpected birthday party or family dinner at a restaurant comes your way, you have an easy chic option in your closet to choose from.  This gorgeous shift dress is universally flattering.  It is one size fits all – c’mon ladies, we all love that:)  The style suits most women, from a girl in her twenties to a woman in her 60’s – absolutely stunning.  I am obsessed with the over lay, it is a perforated style, which continues to be so hot in fashion this season.  I love that the dress has some aspects of sexiness, with hints of skin peeking through.  It is elegant and modest all at the same time.  Most importantly, it is a jersey fabric, which means that it is lightweight and uber comfy – the kicker for me! I wore this to a meeting during the day, then hosted a dinner party at home with friends.

Hope you have had a wonderful week and get out there and get yourselves an LBD!!!  I think you deserve it, don’t you? LOL

Renata xo,

Dress: Abaton Ladies Fashion, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Purse: Aldo, Necklace: H&M (similar here)

Abaton Ladies Fashion: 2288 Major Mackenzie – 2895530612

Relaxed Denim and a Pop of Pink…

Good morning lovely readers!


Because I am currently so busy with the blog and wardrobe consulting (details are coming soon – I promise), I decided to take the time within the last week to focus on choices for future school locations for the munchkins. I have been taking tours, learning about school environments, talking to principals, teachers, and asking a LOT of questions.  Because I have a background in teaching, I can be quite obnoxious with the questions, but hey, I feel it’s an important decision. It is their education we’re talking about here.







Putting on fancy clothes is wonderful and I am always searching for an opportunity to play dress up, but a true representation of me is this type of look. Up until recently, I have been at home with my kids, being a stay at home mom full time – basically living in these jeans.  I love them because they are a “slim straight” cut, which means they are in between a straight leg and skinny leg, a great option for someone who wants a break from the skinny jean or boot cut style.  The slim straight cut can be extremely flattering, I own about 5 of them. I stalk up on them when I go to Florida because they are much cheaper. They look polished yet relaxed, which is hard to find. Unless you’re dipping into the boyfriend jean category – which can be a very slippery slope between chic and sloppy. But that’s a whole other conversation we can get into later:)

Neon has been trending for quite some time.  Pairing neon pink with any outfit always makes me smile. I am obsessed with pink, so when I saw this lightweight, loose fitted peasant blouse, I was one happy camper.  Loving the pin-tucked details and flared sleeves.  I have actually worn it once a week since the purchase.  Pair this top with denim shorts, white denim, or wear it as a bathing suit cover up.  I love when an outfit has an unexpected pop of colour – so fun, girly, and playful. Instantly adding life and brightness to your look. I would love to know your thoughts. Are you into neon?

 Have an amazing start to the week!  Thanks for reading today:)

Renata, xo

Jeans: AG Jeans or here, Top: Joe Fresh, Shoes: SPerry (on sale right now), Purse: Marc Jacobs, Necklace: H&M

More “slim straight” denim options: here, here, or here

The Crop top and Palazzo Pant…

 Good afternoon kind readers!  So excited about today’s look!






As soon as Kate Moss created her line for Topshop back in the spring, I had my eye on these stunning pants.  I don’t know why it has taken me this long to get them up on the blog, but here they are.  One word…FABULOUS!  I have never owned a palazzo pant, nor have I ever owned a crop top, so this look is extremely out of my box.  Nonetheless, I took a risk.  After looking in the mirror, I was completely obsessed and inspired.  It felt like I was in a time warp.  Memories of watching the movie Dazed and Confused over and over again came rushing back to me.  I love the fluidity and movement of the pant, the boho feel, as well as the fact that they’re high-waisted.  The bold paisley pattern and colour combination is gorgeous.  How about you guys? Have you taken a risk with your wardrobe recently?  Would love to hear about it:)

Really appreciate you taking the time to read today and have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Renata, xo

Top: H&M, Pants: Topshop (on sale right now for $60!), Shoes: Town Shoes (find similar here), Purse: Aldo, Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Necklace: Stella and Dot, Earrings: Stella and Dot

Shout out to my Stella and Dot Stylist Lori Marcantonio for hooking me up!

  Huge thanks to Salon Life for making my hair look so lovely.  They are having a promotion right now – 15% off!  Don’t forget to mention “Can’t Help But Stare”.

How To Transform Your Look From Day to Night…

Recently, I have been getting a lot of inquiries on how to find summer dresses that you can wear in the day that transition into night.  Lets face it, we are busy women.  Somedays, we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  We simply don’t have the time to think about two outfits in one day, let alone one.



It is important to think about items in our wardrobe that will take us from am to pm.  This type of piece is ideal.  This is a look that would take to me to a playdate with the kids, to work, to running errands or a lunch date.



Adding accessories to any outfit is like icing on a cake.  It allows you to take your look to the next level, by pairing simple items like a belt, a little bling (swarovski crystal earrings), a wedge and a clutch.



 This look is instantly transformed into evening wear.  By the time dinner rolls around, you are ready for girls night out and I don’t know about you, but I am in need of one badly!!! LOL



I’m always on the hunt for a good casual dress. Effortless, comfortable and fun – you can just throw them on and you’re out the door. For me, the key to finding a good dress is the fit and I always look for comfort first, always. For a daytime casual look, I don’t want to wear anything too constrictive, which is just a matter of personal preference. Tugging and fidgeting with a dress that is too snug is the last thing I want to be doing. So I always gravitate towards shapes like the A-line or a shift cut because they don’t cling to my body, are very flattering and can be easily dressed up if necessary. Next, I look at the style, colour and details. This dress was a no brainer. It is effortless and elegant. I was immediately attracted to the easy feminine shift style and gorgeous lime green colour. The delicate detail along the sleeves and ruffled trim along the bottom are simply divine and also give it a European feel. What’s more, the fabric is to die for; half linen and half cotton, which is great for summer and just gives it some added texture making it a little more unique – and I am always looking for something unique.

 Oh and Ladies, there is good news!  Stop by Abaton and ask for Alicia, mention “Can’t Help But Stare” and you will receive and additional 15% off any item in the store.  Happy Shopping and thank you so much for reading!  I really appreciate any comments you have on day to night dresses.  Do you have any in your closet?  Have an amazing start to the week!

Renata, xo

Look #1 – Dress: Abaton Ladies Fashion, Purse: Tory Burch (similar here), Shoes: Winners (similar here), Earrings: Wizman Jewellers, Necklace: Tiffanys

Look #2 – Purse: BCBG, Earrings: Abaton Ladies Fashion, Shoes: Town Shoes (similar here), Belt: Old Navy

Abaton is located at 2288 Major Mac Dr. Maple, Ont., (289)5530612